We've just come back exhausted after a two-week holiday in France. We were really stupid. On the last day we drove non-stop from Marseille to Calais- we should have(31)_____ our journey in Lyon or Paris. As if that wasn't enough, the sea was so rough in the English Channel that the (32) _____ took three hours instead of one and a half. Next year we've decided we're going on a cheap (33) _____ holiday to Italy. It sounds marvellous- the cost of the flight, the hotel and all our meals are (34) _____ in the price. While we're in Rome we'll be going on a guided tour of the Coliseum. The last time I was in Italy, I was on a business trip - I can't say I saw many of the famous tourist (35) _____ on that occasion

Question 34:

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