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Câu 1 [69097] - []

Mike is a university student. He comes to visit his professor, Mr. Brown, during office hours.

Select the most suitable response to fill in the blank.

Mike: “What should I do to prepare for the final test?” Mr. Brown: “______”

Câu 2 [69096] - []

Wendy and Mark are university students. They are going on a field trip. Select the most suitable response to fill in the blank.

Mark: “Hi, Wendy. What do we have to bring for the trip?” Wendy: “______”

Câu 3 [69094] - []

We were all in a good mood because the weather was good and we were going on holiday the next day.

Câu 4 [69093] - []

My neighbors are really tight with money. They hate throwing away food, don’t eat at restaurant, and always try to find the best price.

Câu 5 [69091] - []

My head teacher has grave doubts as to whether I would pass my university entrance examination. I myself feel so worried.

Câu 6 [69089] - []

The restaurant entices more and more customers with its cozy interior and special daily events.


Câu 7 [69088] - []

She really treasures the ______ car that she inherits from her grandfather.

Câu 8 [69086] - []

Despite a lot of concerns, sending people into space seems certain; we ______ see lunar cities and maybe even new human cultures on other planets.

Câu 9 [69082] - []

This investigation is not only one that is continuing and worldwide ______ we expect to continue for quite some time.

Câu 10 [69081] - []

For those ___ in adventure and sport, there is a lot to do on Vanuatu’s islands in the South Pacific.

Câu 11 [69080] - []

The trainers encourage the animals ______, but the elephants make their own songs; they don’t just copy their trainers or other people.

Câu 12 [69079] - []

______ humans, dolphins use a system of sounds and body language to communicate, but understanding their conversations is not easy for humans.

Câu 13 [69078] - []

When I was small, my parents were often away; my grandmother ______ take care of me.

Câu 14 [69077] - []

The villagers are not sure how they are going to get ______ another hard and cold winter.

Câu 15 [69076] - []

Businesses will not survive ______ they satisfy their customers.

Câu 16 [69075] - []

Project-based learning provides wonderful opportunities for students to develop their ______.

Câu 17 [69073] - []

John was deported on account of his expired visa. He ______ it renewed.

Câu 18 [69072] - []

There has been little rain in this area for too long, ______?

Câu 19 [69070] - []

Though formally close friends, they have now been estranged from each other due to some regrettable misunderstandings.

Câu 20 [69069] - []

Historically, it was the 3rd Asian Games in Japan that tennis, volleyball, table tennis and hockey were added.

Câu 21 [69067] - []

The movie tried something new, combining ruthless violence and quick-witted humor and philosophy reflection.

Câu 22 [69066] - []

William Clark was not granted the rank of captain. Captain Lewis more or less ignored this and treated Clark as his equal in authority and rank.

Câu 23 [69064] - []

Hans told us about his investing in the company. He did it on his arrival at the meeting.

Câu 24 [69063] - []

People think that traffic congestion in the downtown area is due to the increasing number of private cars.

Câu 25 [69062] - []

“How long have you been in this job?” She asked him

Câu 26 [69061] - []

Harry does not eat like a horse anymore.

Câu 27 [69060] - []

A. swallow B. confide C. maintain D. install

Câu 28 [69059] - []

A. leftover B. conical C. sacrifice D. supportive

Câu 29 [69058] - []

A. clear B. treasure C. spread D. dread

Câu 30 [69057] - []

A. daunt B. astronaut C. vaulting D. aunt

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