1 ( EXPOSE ) to direct sunlight for long periods of time is dangerous to our skin. 2 A lack of fertilizer had ( POOR ) the soil. 3 In critical situations, they often lose because they play so ( PROFESSION ) 4 The referees ( PART ) in the game was admirable. 5 Our efforts to persuade her proved ( FRUIT ) she accepted to come in the end 6 A crowd of ( STAN ) in the game was admirable. 7 You dont need to read the instruction manual since the use of the camera is ( EXPLAIN ) 8 We ( ESTIMATE ) how long it would take to get to the stadium, so we were ten minutes late for the event. 9 You cant get burn with these dishes because they are ( HOT ) 10 After taking an IQ test, students will be ( QUALIFY ) separated into 3 different classes.

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