Câu 1 Một chiếc thuyền chuyển động xuôi dòng nước với vận tốc 6 km/h đối với dòng nước. Vận tốc chảy của dòng nước đối với bờ sông là 2 km/h. Tính vận tốc của thuyền đối với bờ sông

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WRITING TEST 3 PART 1-QUESTIONS 1-5 Put the following words in the correct order to make complete sentences. 1. family/I/the/ see / week./never/ during/ my 2. they / enjoy/Do/the/think/quiz?/ you 3walk./my/I/dog/for/a/take/long/can/ 4. new/ and / away / I'd like / the /to/weekend /a/city. /go/for/visit 5. the /They/your/important/in/people/ life. / are / most PART 2-QUESTIONS 6-10 Read the article about dolphins Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space.qu People love dolphins because they are beautiful to watch and friendly. Dolphins are also (6) of the cleverest animals and are just as clever as dogs. (7)_ is possible to teach them in the same way we teach monkeys and dogs. Some people even believe that dolphins have a special way of (8)_ to each other. Like many other sea animals and fish, dolphins are in danger. Many dolphins are caught (9) mistake in fishing nets, but a much greater problem is that thousands of dolphins dying because the sea is no longer clean enough. (10) 6. A. another B. one C. all 7. A. There B. It C. This 8. A. talking B. talk C. talked 9. A. with B. by C. from 10. A. were B. is C. are THAT கும் PART 3 Complete the email from Tom to his friend, Deshini. Write ONE word for each space. Dear Deshini, It's great that you are my new penfriend. My name is Tom and I (11) fifteen years old. I was born in Canada but I live in England now. Please write and tell me all (12) about life in India. I would love to go there one day. your Do you live in a small village (13) in a big town? What is your school like? (14) Have you got any pictures of your school you could send me? I'm sending you (15) few photos of my family. I'll send more the next time I write. I hope you'll write to me soon... Tom