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Whether in ancient times or today, Tet is still the biggest (1) _____________ holiday in Viet Nam. Vietnamese people believe that Tet marks the beginning of a new year, a day of hope and belief in new and good things and a farewell to the old. As life is getting better, Tet food is not as important as it once was. Although banh Chung (a square glutinous rice cake) is no longer a special Tet dish, many families still continue the tradition of (2) _____________ banh Chung to give Tet a better atmosphere. The act of being the first person to enter a home on the first day of Tet is called xông đất. It is believed that the person who enters first will (3) _____________ the life of the homeowner for the whole year to come. The age of the person is also quite important. On the first days of the new year, people visit family and friends. Adults give lucky (4) _____________ to children and the elderly, and wish for a prosperous and lucky year. People also practise the custom of visiting pagodas to (5) _____________ for good fortune. Students often begin a new year writing in the early spring, for a new year of study and successful exams. Each (6) _____________ group or country has its own (7) _____________ and practices. Tet in Viet Nam is a significant and unique cultural event that has been passed (8) _____________ for centuries. Through the ups and downs of history, many customs have more or less fallen into oblivion or been significantly changed. But no matter where they are, Vietnamese people are always aware of their roots and practise traditional customs. 1. A. traditional B. old C. modern D. cultural 2. A. cooking B. making C. doing D. preparing 3. A. benefit B. change C. create D. affect 4. A. envelop B. money C. number D. coins 5. A. wish B. bring C. pray D. ask 6. A. ethnic B. traditional C. minority D. majority 7. A. costumes B. habits C. customs D. culture 8. A. in B. away C. up D. Down