Ex 4: Fill in the blanks using preposition of time: in/on/at 1. My sister was born ______ 2000. 2. My brother was born ___________ 11 June, 2020 and she is 15 years younger than me. 3. My parents usually go for a walk _________ the evening after dinner. 4. Tom often has to work overtime __________ night. 5. Marry is taking care of her mother tonight so you only can meet her ________ Tuesday. 6. She has Math and English _______ Wednesday morning. 7. My parents are going _______ vacation. 8. I have something to do so lets meet ________ 8PM. 9. Kris never goes swimming _________ winter. 10. Water puppetry originated __________ the 11Th century in the villages of the Red River Delta of North Viet Nam.

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