Hai số có bội chung nhỏ nhất là 2^ 3x 7^4x 11^3 và ước chung lớn nhất là7^2 x 11. Biết một trong hai số là 6^2x 7^2 x11. Tìm số còn lại.


Tích của hai số cần tìm chính là tích của Bội chung nhỏ nhất và ước chung lớn nhất của hai số đó và bằng : .................

Khi đó số còn lại là: ...............

Điền vào chỗ chấm giúp mình với

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II.Language focus: Pronunciation: 1A.summer B.Sunday C.club D.community 2A.wanted B.picked C.donated D.collected 3A.loved B.liked C.enjoyed D.played 4A.washed B.watched C.learned D.stopped 5.A.amazing B.learn C.work D.surf 6A.yoga B.collect C.amazing D.surf Stress: 7A.dollhouse B.dinner C.activity D.hobby 8A.creativity B.sunburn C.suncream D.jogging 9A.cardboard B.common C.flower D.because 10A.gardening B.tomato C.running D.cooking 11A.Yesterday my mom___to the market with me. A.go B.went C.going D.goes 12.What____Trang often ____in her spare time? A.is/do B.are /do C.do/do D.does/do 13.My classmates ___eating snacks at reccess because they are delicious. A.dont like B.hate C.dislike D.love 14.My teacher ____eating fast food because it is not good for her health. A.likes B.hates C. enjoys D.loves 15.Odd one out: A.picking up B.Community C.helping D.donating litter activities homeless old clothes children 16.Nam:I have a toothache.What should I do? Ba: You should_______. A.Go to the market B.not eat too much candies C.Wash your hands D.use suncream III.Fill in each blank with a right word: hates/ likes/ to/ at/plays/ played/his/ her/ never/ sometimes Nick is listening (1)____music now. He __(2) classical Music so he often (3)____the piano in (4)____spare time. Nick has (5)___tried taking photos before. IV.Read and choose the best answer: Trangs hobbies are painting and taking photos.They are quite different from each other.Trang normally paints landscapes and animals. Yesterday she painted a very big house. 1.Does Trang like painting? 2.Is painting like taking photos? 3.Does Trang often paint people? 4.When did Trang paint a very big house? 5.Did Trang paint a small house yesterday? V.Use the given words to make sentences: 1.She/ like/ take/ photo/ her/ spare time. 2.I/ go/ supermarket/ last night/ mom 3.We/ not/ read/ book/ yesterday. 4.They/ enjoy/ play/ the violin./ VI. Write about your hobby VII.Write an email to your friend about your community activities last week.