Read the text and answer the questions. Family Volunteer Day The first reason why many families do volunteer work is that they feel satisfied and proud. The feeling of fulfillment comes from helping the community and other people. In addition, volunteering is a great way for families to have fun and feel closer. But many people say they don't have time to volunteer because they have to work and take care of their families. If that's the case, try rethinking some of your free time as a family. You could select just one or two projects a year and make them a family tradition. For instance, your family can make and donate gift baskets for the old homeless people on holidays. Your family can also spend only one Saturday morning a month collecting rubbish in your neighbourhood. 1. How many projects a year can they select? => 2. Do you agree they have so many different ways to help the community? Why or why not? => 3. Do you think that garbage collection in your neighborhood or public place is not one of the voluntary works to help the community? Why or why not? =>.. Nhanh nha ak, do mai e thi rồi ạ huhu

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