Tìm cụm danh từ có trong đoạn văn

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II.Language focus:


1A.summer B.Sunday C.club D.community

2A.wanted B.picked C.donated D.collected

3A.loved B.liked C.enjoyed D.played

4A.washed B.watched C.learned D.stopped

5.A.amazing B.learn C.work D.surf

6A.yoga B.collect C.amazing D.surf


7A.dollhouse B.dinner C.activity D.hobby

8A.creativity B.sunburn C.suncream D.jogging

9A.cardboard B.common C.flower D.because

10A.gardening B.tomato C.running D.cooking

11A.Yesterday my mom___to the market with me.

A.go B.went C.going D.goes

12.What____Trang often ____in her spare time?

A.is/do B.are /do C.do/do D.does/do

13.My classmates ___eating snacks at reccess because they

are delicious.

A.dont like B.hate C.dislike D.love

14.My teacher ____eating fast food because it is not

good for her health.

A.likes B.hates C. enjoys D.loves

15.Odd one out:

A.picking up B.Community C.helping D.donating

litter activities homeless old clothes


16.Nam:I have a toothache.What should I do?

Ba: You should_______.

A.Go to the market B.not eat too much candies

C.Wash your hands D.use suncream

III.Fill in each blank with a right word:

hates/ likes/ to/ at/plays/ played/his/ her/ never/ sometimes

Nick is listening (1)____music now. He __(2) classical

Music so he often (3)____the piano in (4)____spare time.

Nick has (5)___tried taking photos before.

IV.Read and choose the best answer:

Trangs hobbies are painting and taking photos.They are quite different from each other.Trang normally paints landscapes and animals. Yesterday she painted a very big house.

1.Does Trang like painting?

2.Is painting like taking photos?

3.Does Trang often paint people?

4.When did Trang paint a very big house?

5.Did Trang paint a small house yesterday?

V.Use the given words to make sentences:

1.She/ like/ take/ photo/ her/ spare time.

2.I/ go/ supermarket/ last night/ mom

3.We/ not/ read/ book/ yesterday.

4.They/ enjoy/ play/ the violin./

VI. Write about your hobby

VII.Write an email to your friend about your community activities last week.