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Tham gia [Hs] - Cộng Đồng Luyện Thi Trực Tuyến để được học tập những kiến thức bổ ích từ Loga
Câu 1 [20150] - []

We’re over the _______! Who wouldn’t be? We’ve just won £1 million!

Câu 2 [11951] - []

Most young people nowadays believe in ___________ marriage – first come love, then comes marriage.

Câu 3 [28534] - []

The water company will have to_______ off water supplies while repairs to the pipes are carried ___________. 

Câu 4 [16537] - []

It _________ that many people are homeless after the floods.

Câu 5 [28425] - []

Failing to submit the proposal on time was _____ for Tom.  

Câu 6 [34318] - []

The old man managed to climb the ______ which was narrow but not at all steep.

Câu 7 [39731] - []

After ________ high school, Nam attended a university in the city center.


Câu 8 [26443] - []

The first thing she did after her bag was stolen was to ________ her credit cards.

Câu 9 [52129] - []

Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning in the following question:

 Mr.Smith's new neighbors appear to be very friendly

Câu 10 [26009] - []

______ I see Tom and Jerry, I always feel interested because the cartoon is so exciting.

Câu 11 [24360] - []

The  University  administrations  are  introducing  new measures to ______ that the enrolment process runs smoothly.

Câu 12 [34311] - []

I saw your husband sneaking out late at night sometime, maybe he is having (a/ an) _______.

Câu 13 [37874] - []

Mrs. Jenkins was too ill to go out and pay her phone bill, and they’ve just cut her_____. She ought to complain!

Câu 14 [28640] - []

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word CLOSEST in  meaning to the underlined word in each of the following questions.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. 

Câu 15 [4196] - []

She's so ____; you really have to watch you say or she'll walk out of the room. 

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