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Câu 1 [37992] - []


A. sour                   B. hour                     C. pour                    D. flour

Câu 2 [60873] - []

Choose the word that has main stress placed differently from the others:

Câu 3 [60857] - []

Choose the word that has main stress placed differently from the others:

Câu 4 [58988] - []

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of primary stress in each of the following questions.

Câu 5 [37774] - []

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.

gạch chân -ui-

Câu 6 [39728] - []

If you had worked harder, you ________.


Câu 7 [27546] - []

Complete the sentence.All maintained schools in England are required to follow the National _____, which is made up of twelve subjects.

Câu 8 [62091] - []

The youths nowadays have many things to do in their time.

Câu 9 [34569] - []

"Dad, I've got 8.5 on the IELTS test" - "________________"

Câu 10 [34104] - []

"How do you do?" - "____________________"

Câu 11 [12123] - []

David: “Your parents must be proud of your result at school.”

- Kathy: “_________.”

Câu 12 [28846] - []

I just couldn’t remember her name even though it was on the ____of my tongue. 

Câu 13 [12292] - []

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is

OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions

The palace was badly damaged by fire, but was eventually restored to its original spiendor.


Câu 14 [66322] - []

The first impressions are rather menacing. Visitors must sign in and show identification before being allowed into the building. Such tight security gives one the feeling of entering a prison or some other dangerous place. But what a deceptive first impression! Manhattan Comprehensive Night High School may be the friendliest, most caring institution in all of New York City. A school of last resort for many of its students, it is their best chance to turn their lives around, and make friends in the process. Manhattan Comp, as it is called, is the first full-time night high school in America.

High school is compulsory until the age of sixteen in America, but many students drop out, either before or after they reach sixteen, and before receiving their high school diplomas. Until now, night education programmes for dropouts only provided the basics and then awarded an equivalency certificate. But now, Manhattan Comp offers the total high school experience, complete with a 'lunch break, physical education and clubs. The students receive an academic diploma, which they say is more helpful in getting a job than an equivalency certificate. More than sixty percent of Manhattan Comp's students go on to college.

Most of the school 's 450 students have either been expelled from or dropped out of other high schools. Some have been in two or three schools before this one. What seems to make this school work for these hard-to-place students is the staff and, most importantly, the principal. All students call him Howard. As he walks through the building, he greets students by name, asks about their families or jobs and jokes with them about the lack of variety in the school cafeteria.

Most students at Manhattan Comp are between eighteen and twenty-two years old. You must be at least seventeen to enrol. The classes run from 5 to 11 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays, with all- day enrichment programmes on Sundays which explore topics like playwriting, art and video production. School terms are ten weeks long, which gives students the opportunity to take time off for family matters or jobs. Most students already have some academic credits previous schools, so instead of the normal four years in high school, they spend between six months and two years at Manhattan Comp.

Question 42: What can be inferred about Manhattan Comp from the passage?

Câu 15 [68500] - []

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 36 to 42.

The ability of falling cats to right themselves in midair and land on their feet has been a source of wonder for ages. Biologists long regarded it as an example of adaptation by natural selection, but for physicists it bordered on the miraculous.

Newton's laws of motion assume that the total amount of spin of a body cannot change unless an external torque speeds it up or slows it down. If a cat has no spin when it isreleased and experiences no external torque, it ought not to be able to twist around as it falls.

In the speed of its execution, the righting of a tumbling cat resembles a magician's trick. The gyrations of the cat in midair are too fast for the human eye to follow, so the process is obscured. Either the eye must be speeded up, or the cat's fall slowed down for the phenomenon to be observed. A century ago the former was accomplished by means of high-speed photography using equipment now available in any pharmacy. But in the nineteenth century the capture on film of a falling cat constituted a scientific experiment.

The experiment was described in a paper presented to the Paris Academy in 1894. Two sequences of twenty photographs each, one from the side and one from behind, show a white cat in the act of righting itself. Grainy and quaint though they are, the photos show that the cat was dropped upside down, with no initial spin, and still landed on its feet. Careful analysis of the photos reveals the secret; as the cat rotates the front of its body clockwise, the rear and tail twist counterclockwise, so that the total spin remains zero, in perfect accord with Newton's laws. Halfway down, the cat pulls in its legs before reversing its twist and then extends them again, with the desired end result. The explanation was that while nobody can acquire spin without torque, a flexible one can readily change its orientation, or phase. Cats know this instinctively, but scientists could not be sure how it happened until they increased the speed of their perceptions a thousandfold.

Question 40. The word “rotates” in line 19 is closest in meaning to

Câu 16 [67872] - []

Buying a house is the single largest financial investment an individual makes. Yet, in India this act is fraught with risk and individuals depend on weak laws for justice. Occasionally, deviant promoters are called to account as was the case in the detention of Unitech's promoters. This incident shows up the fallout of an absence of proper regulation to cover contracts between buyers and real estate promoters. A real estate bill, which is presently pending in Rajya Sabha, seeks to fill this gap. It has been debated for over two years and should be passed by Parliament in the budget session.
India is in the midst of rapid urbanization and urban population is expected to more than double to about 900 million over the next three decades. Unfortunately, even the current population does not have adequate housing. A government estimate in 2012 put the shortage at nearly 19 million units. If this shortage is to be alleviated quickly, India's messy real estate sector needs reforms.
The real estate bill seeks to set standards for contracts between buyers and sellers. Transparency, a rare commodity in real estate, is enforced as promoters have to upload project details on the regulators' website. Importantly, standard definitions of terms mean that buyers will not feel cheated after taking possession of a house. In order to protect buyers who pay upfront, a part of the money collected for a real estate project is ring-fenced in a separate bank account. Also, given the uncertainty, which exists in India on land titles, the real estate bill provides title insurance. This bill has been scrutinized by two parliamentary committees and its passage now brooks no delay.
This bill is an important step in cleaning up the real estate market, but the journey should not end with it. State
governments play a significant role in real estate and they are often the source of problems. Some estimates suggest that real estate developers have to seek approvals of as many as 40 central and state departments, which lead to delays and an escalation in the cost of houses. Sensibly, NDA government's project to provide universal urban housing forces states to institute reforms to access central funding. Without real estate reforms at the level of States, it will not be possible to meet the ambition of making housing accessible for all urban dwellers.

 According to the passage, which of the following is the pending in Rajya Sabha?

Câu 17 [22699] - []

Once you have finished an article and identified its main ideas, it may not be necessary to reread it again.

Câu 18 [15320] - []

 The nitrogen makes up over 78 percent of the Earth’s atmosphere, the gaseous mass surrounding the planet. 

Câu 19 [567] - []

The occean probably distinguishes the earth from other planets of the solar system, for scientists believe that large bodies of water are not existing on the other planets.

Câu 20 [38181] - []

New sources of energy have been looking for as the number of fossil fuels continues to decrease.

Câu 21 [15322] - []

Pateurization is the process of the heating milk to destroy disease-caused organisms and bacteria.

Câu 22 [59926] - []

Some children complained to him that his son often did the trick on them by telling lies.

Câu 23 [68397] - []

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined, part that needs correction.

Please remain in your  assign seats until the instructor dismisses the class.


Câu 24 [28972] - []

In spite of their size, multinational corporations often make products at lower costs than local industries can.

Câu 25 [58837] - []

There is few evidence (A) that the children in language classrooms (B) learn foreign languages any better (C) than adults in similar classroom situation (D).

Câu 26 [22701] - []

Generally, Europe and Asia are regarded as being distinct continents, but they are simply vast geography divisions of the larger land mass known as Eurasia.

Câu 27 [64001] - []

Question 43: A person who says lies habitually must have a good memory.

Câu 28 [24205] - []

In spite of their size, multinational corporations often make products at lower costs than local industries can.

Câu 29 [37952] - []

What can be inferred about the defense mechanisms of the sea cucumber?

Câu 30 [23048] - []

Everyone needs a home where they feel sheltered and safe. Today we live in modern flats and houses, (1) ___________ have air-conditioning to keep us cool, and heating to keep us warm. There is electricity for lighting and supplies of gas or oil for the heating. Hot and cold water (2) ___________ from the taps and dirty water disappears (3) ___________ the drains. Many of our homes have balconies or gardens. In the past, people made their homes from materials that they found nearby. When we look at different houses we can tell how old they are from the materials used and the way they were built. It was different long (4) ___________ people did not have water in their homes and there were no electric lights. To keep warm, they sometimes made (5) ___________ inside their homes. With a fire started they could cook their food and heat water

Câu 3: (3)

Câu 31 [64457] - []

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

   You can usually tell when your friends are happy or angry by the looks on their faces or by their actions. This is useful because reading their emotional expressions helps you to know how to respond to them. Emotions have evolved to help us respond to important situations and to convey our intentions to others. But does raising the eyebrows and rounding the mouth say the same thing in Minneapolis as it does in Madagascar? Much research on emotional expressions has centered on such questions.

   According to Paul Ekman, the leading researcher in this area, people speak and understand substantially the same "facial language". Studies by Ekman's group have demonstrated that humans share a set of universal emotional expressions that testify to the common biological heritage of the human species. Smiles, for example, signal happiness and frowns indicate sadness on the faces of people in such far-flung places as Argentina, Japan, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Sumatra, the United States, Vietnam, the jungles of New Guinea , and the Eskimo villages north of Artic Circle. Ekman and his colleagues claim that people everywhere can recognize at least seven basic emotions: sadness, fear, anger, disgust, contempt, happiness, and surprise. There are, however, huge differences across cultures in both the context and intensity of emotional displays - the so-called display rules. In many Asian cultures, for example, children are taught to control emotional responses - especially negative ones - while many American children are encouraged to express their feelings more openly. Regardless of culture, however, emotions usually show themselves, to some degree, in people's behavior. From their first days of life, babies produce facial expressions that communicate their feelings.

   The ability to read facial expressions develops early, too. Very young children pay close attention to facial expressions, and by age five they nearly equal adults in their skill at reading emotions on people's faces. This evidence all points to a biological underpinning for our abilities to express and interpret a basic set of human emotions. Moreover, as Charles Darwin pointed out over a century ago, some emotional expressions seem to appear across species boundaries. Cross-cultural psychologists tell us that certain emotional responses carry different meanings in different cultures. For example, what emotion, you suppose, might indicate disgust, while in China it can signify surprise. Likewise, a grin on an American face may indicate joy, while on a Japanese face it may just as easily mean embarrassment. Clearly, culture influences emotional expressions.


The best title for the passage is ___________.

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