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Tham gia [Hs] - Cộng Đồng Luyện Thi Trực Tuyến để được học tập những kiến thức bổ ích từ Loga
Câu 1 [28551] - []

Why do they ______ talking about money all the time? 

Câu 2 [61739] - []

He furiously told the beggar to clear................

Câu 3 [4469] - []

We can (29) _______ other people in many different ways. We can talk and write, and we can send messages with our hands and faces. There is also the phone (including the mobile!), the fax, and e-mail. Television, film, painting, and photography can also communicate ideas.

Animals have ways of exchanging information, too. Bees dance and tell other bees where (30) _______ food. Elephants make sounds that humans can’t hear. Whales sing songs. Monkeys use their faces to show anger and love. But this is nothing (31) _______ to what people can do. We have language - about 6,000 languages, in fact. We can write poetry, tell jokes, make promises, explain, persuade, tell the truth, or tell lies. And we have a sense of past and future, not just present.

Radio, film, and television (32) _______ a huge influence on society in the last hundred years. And now we have the Internet, which is infinite. But what is this doing to this? We can give and get a lot of information very quickly. But there is (33) _______ information that it is difficult to know what is important and what isn’t. Modem media is changing our world every minute of every day.

Câu 29.

Câu 4 [65279] - []

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Question 19: During the war, the black market in luxury goods flourished.


Câu 5 [28816] - []

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word OPPOSITE in  meaning to the underlined word in each of the following questions.

Both universities speak highly of the programme of student exchange and hope to cooperate more in the future. 

Câu 6 [61233] - []

24. I’m afraid a rise in salary is ___just now

Câu 7 [69253] - []

People who are telling the truth about the properties __________ should be given prizes for honesty.

Câu 8 [28320] - []

He was given a medal in ____________ of his service to the country. 

Câu 9 [39464] - []

A strike in the mining industry is threatening to bring about a shortage of coal in the near future.

Câu 10 [39794] - []

You…………. use your mobile phone during the test. It's against the rules.

Câu 11 [65766] - []

The streets are crowded with a population which has no interest ___________ .

Câu 12 [66652] - []

You’d better insure your house __________ fire.

Câu 13 [29546] - []

I could only propose a partial solution to the crisis in the company.

Câu 14 [26429] - []

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.  

Dissemination of information is frequently carried out via satellite – through local or national TV networks. 

Câu 15 [61186] - []

20. We went to see the play last night and, ___for Tonny, we all enjoyed
it very much

Câu 16 [36443] - []

We all ate too much. It was such a ____________ meal that Mrs.Anderson prepared for us.

Câu 17 [64705] - []

The Cyberspaee Learning Initiative

   Advances in technology have generated revolutionary applications that could change the face of education as we know it today. Online learning, also known as electronic learning, may (25)......the future of education thanks to recent developments in the Internet and multimedia technologies.

  It is anticipated that cyberspace institutions or online universities will replace traditional educational (26)...... . Virtual classrooms will be multi-functional, acting simultaneously as learning platforms, forum and (27)...... networks They will be geared towards promoting the acquisition of knowledge as a life-long endeavour, (28)...... occurs through global collaboration. Cyberspace institutions can go a long way towards achieving this as they are able to liberate us from the limitations of time and space. Flexibility of time and location makes e-leaming a highly accessible, international resource (29)......, prospective students will, regardless of age, background or origin, have unlimited access to both formal and informal learning opportunities. The pursuit of knowledge will consequently become an end in itself and not a means to an end.

Qnestion 26: A. provisions    B. specifications                           C. backgrounds                 D. establishments

Câu 18 [36445] - []

If you ______________ to my advice, you wouldn't be in this mess right now. 

Câu 19 [26662] - []

Complete the sentence.Safety should take _____ over all other matters in the workplace.

Câu 20 [63522] - []

Famers can enrich the soil by using.......

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