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Tham gia [Hs] - Cộng Đồng Luyện Thi Trực Tuyến để được học tập những kiến thức bổ ích từ Loga
Câu 1 [25998] - []

-Uncle Tom: “ Remember to give my best regards to your parents, Bob.”
-Bob: “___________”


Câu 2 [26858] - []

Two friends Diana and Anne are talking with each other about their shopping.

- Diana: “Look at this catalog, Anne. I think I want to get this red blouse.”
- Anne: “ _______”  

Câu 3 [24407] - []

Lucy is asking for permission to play the guitar at Pete’s home.

-Lucy: “Is it all right if I play the guitar in here while you’re studying?”.

-Pete: “______”. 

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