Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions from 1 to 7.

            Rain poured down on the roof. I was trying to read but the sound was to loud. I couldn’t help myself from being a little grumpy. I want to be outside playing, but the rain was keeping me inside.

            My mom had gone to the grocery store, and my dad was spending Saturday at the office. I had planned to spend the day hiking, but Mother Nature decided that today was the perfect day for rain.

            It meant that I would have to entertain myself. I spent most of the morning playing with my stuffed animals and reading. I was sitting next to the windows staring out when I got a strange idea: why not just go outside anyway?.

            I put on my boots and a big raincoat and stepped out into the wet world. It was raining hard but it wasn’t cold. All I could hear were raindrops and the wind. I decided to go on my hike anyway.

            My feed didn’t make any sound on the wet ground and the forest seemed different. I went to my favourite place and sat down. In the summer, my best friend Ellen and I would come here and sit for hours. It was our special place. All of a sudden, I thought I heard someone shouting my name. I turned and saw Ellen walking up behind me.

            “Oh my Gosh! It’s really you, Martha!” She said. “I can’t believe that you’re out here right now”. I thought I would be the only person crazy enough to go for a walk in the rain.”

            I was very happy to have some company. We decided that hiking in the rain was just as fun as hiking in the sunshine. We planned on hiking in the rain again.

What did Martha think about being outside?           


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