Liên từ là từ dùng để nối hai phần, hai mệnh đề ở trong câu lại với nhau.

     Eg: This shop opens at 6 a.m and it’s closes at 6p.m


  1. Liên từ kết hợp

Dùng loại liên từ này đề nối những từ loại hoặc cụm từ/ nhóm từ cùng một loại, hoặc những mệnh đề ngang hàng nhau ( tính từ với tính từ, danh từ với danh từ...)

Liên từ kết hợp gồm:

  • But=yet:

Eg: He is intelligent but very lazy.

  • And:

Eg: She is a good and loyal wife.

  • Or:

Eg: We have to work hard, or we will fail the exam.

  • Nor:

Eg: That is not what I meant to say, nor should you interpret my statement as an admission of guilt.

  • For:

Eg: He will surely succed, for he works hard.

  • So:

Eg: I want to work as a interpreter in the future, so I am studying Russian at university.

  1. Liên từ tương hỗ
  • Both...and...

Eg: She is both beautiful and intelligent.

  • Not only...but also...

Eg: I like playing not only tennis but also football.

  • Either...or...

Eg: Either I or he is wrong.

  • Neither...nor...

He drinks neither wine nor beer.

  • Whether...or....

Eg: I wonder whether he loves me or not.

  1. Liên từ phụ thuộc

Loại liên từ phụ thuộc nối kết các nhóm từ, cụm từ hoặc mệnh đề có chức năng khác nhau-mệnh đề phụ với mệnh đề chính trong câu.

  • After: sau khi

Eg:  After the train left, we went home.

  • Before: trước khi

Eg: I tried to finish my homework before my father came home.

  • As soon as: ngay khi

Eg: Write to me as soon as you can.

  • As=when: khi

Eg: When/As you visit Berlin, send me a postcard.

  • Since: từ khi

Eg: I haven’t seen him since he left his hometown to pursure his dream.

  • As=since=because: bởi vì

Eg:As/Since/Because you couldn’t see the film, we’ll tell you something about it.

  • Until: cho đến khi

Eg: He didn’t notice anything strange until he heard a noise from upstairs.

  • While: trong khi

Eg: Don’t talk while you eat.

  • Whereas: trong hki (trái ngược)

Eg: He learns hard whereas his friends don’t.

  • Although/though/even though: mặc dù

Eg: Although it was after midnight, we didn’t feel tired.

  • Even if: kể cả khi

Eg: Even if you are confident in your ability, never ever underestimate your opponents.

  • If/unless: nếu không

Eg: Her baby cannot fall asleep unless she stays in the room.

  • As long as: miễn là

Eg: I will lend you my car as long as you promise to drive carefully.

  • In case: phòng khi

Eg: In case it will rain, please take an umbrella when you go out.

  • So that/ in order that: để

Eg: We left early so that we wouldn’t be caught in the traffic jam.




  1. (Both/Either/Neither/Not only) Ryan (and/or/nor/but also) Susie have disappointed me. They didn’t come to my birthday party.
  2. I’ve just eaten dinner. ( So/and/but/or) I’am not hungry.
  3. (Because/Whether/Although/So) she was very tired, she helped her brother with his homework.
  4. Tom has a computer, (or/as/because/but) he doesn’t use it.
  5. (So/as/though/even) they live near us, we can see them very often.


  1. Đáp án “Both...and”

Dịch: Cả Ryan và Susie đã làm tôi thất vọng. Họ đã không đến bữa tiệc sinh nhật của tôi.

  1. Đáp án “so”

Dịch: Tôi vừa mới ăn tối xong. Vì vậy, tôi không thấy đói.

  1. Đáp án “although”

Dịch: Mặc dù cô ấy rất mệt, cô ấy vẫn giúp anh ấy làm bài tập về nhà.

  1. Đáp án “but”

Dịch: Tom có máy tính, nhưng anh ấy không dùng nó.

  1. Đáp án “As”

Dịch: Khi họ sống gần chúng tôi, chúng tôi có thể gặp nhau thường xuyên (không chọn “so” vì “so” không đứng đầu câu)



  1. It’s late. You should go to bed now (or/but/and/so) you will be tired tomorrow.
  2. I won’t be home for Christmas (or/but/and/so) I will be there for New Year’s.
  3. Lan woke up late (so/since/as/though) she didn’t have time for breakfast.
  4. I like fish (or/but/so/and) I don’t like catching them myself.
  5. Mr Young is not only healthy (and/both/but/with) also cheerful
  6. The underground is cheap; (however/therefore/but/despite), it is faster than the train.
  7. It was too dark to go on, (so/but/however/because) we found somewhere to stay.
  8. They asked me to wait for them, (so/however/but/and) they didn’t turn up.
  9. It was raining hard. (Therefore/However/But/Because), the match went ahead.
  10. My car broke down on the way. (Because/However/But/Therefore), when I got to the airport the plane had taken off.


  1. OR
  2. BUT
  3. SO
  4. BUT
  5. BUT
  7. SO
  8. BUT

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