A. Các dạng câu hỏi
➢ What is the meaning of ‘’X’’ in line ‘’Y’’?
➢ Which of the following word has the closest meaning with the ‘’X’’ in line ‘’Y’’?
➢ Which of the following has the opposite meaning with the word “X’ in line “Y”?

B. Cách làm cụ thể
➢ Tìm từ đó ở trong bài đọc
➢ Đọc câu chứa từ đó cẩn thận.
➢ Tìm các manh mối trong ngữ cảnh để giúp hiểu ý nghĩa của từ.
➢ Chọn đáp án mà ngữ cảnh thể hiện.

C. Các cách đoán nghĩa của từ
1. Sử dụng các định nghĩa, giải thích
✓ Định nghĩa đi sau dấu gạch nối (-)
✓ Định nghĩa đi sau dấu phẩy (,)
✓ Định nghĩa đi sau các từ như: is, means, refer to, that is, consist of,...”

Ex: “Unlike us, many mammals are nocturnal, which means that they are active at night and
sleep through the day. Long ago, the first mammals moved about under the cover of darkness to
escape predatory dinosaurs. Many of the smallest mammals have remained nocturnal, and
mammalian predators, such as foxes, are active at night in order to catch them.”

2. Sử dụng từ đồng nghĩa

Ex: “Erosion from overfarming the land caused millions of acres to be withdrawn from
production. Further, the use of chemical fertilizers, which was increased greatly between 1950
and 1984, had adverse, or harmful, effect on water supplies.”

3. Sử dụng từ trái nghĩa
✓ Chú ý cách dùng của các liên từ chỉ sự đối lập như while, however, in contrast, but, ...
✓ 2 mệnh đề đối lập nhau được nối với nhau bằng các liên từ này.

Ex: “Tunisia is the smallest country in the North Africa. It lies between Algeria and Libya. On
the north is the Mediterranean Sea. The northern part of the country contains vary fertile soil
while the southern are is very dry. The two areas are separated by the Atlas Mountains.”

4. Dựa vào ngữ cảnh
Không phải lúc nào, đoạn văn ta đọc cũng có những dấu hiệu dễ nhận biết như các cách đoán
nghĩa của từ đề cập trên
=> Phải dựa vào ngữ cảnh của đoạn văn mà ta đang đọc
=> Đọc câu chứa từ đó, câu trước đó và câu sau đó để hiểu rõ nội dung

Ex: “According to tradition, a child puts a lost tooth under his or her pillow before going to bed.
In the wee hours, while the child is sleeping, the Tooth Fairy takes the tooth and leaves
something else under the pillow.”
The phrase "the wee hours" probably refers to the period of time ______.
A. early in the evening                       B. soon after midnight
C. late in the morning                        D. long before bedtime

Exercise 1

Some fans who could translate Japanese into their own language started translating manga
themselves. Then they scanned the pages of manga books and uploaded the scanned pages to the
Internet with their translation. This practice has become so popular. People in the comic book
industry made up a name for it. By combining the words scananed translation, they call it
"scanlation", and it is a big problem today. The people who do scanlation usually share their manga
for free, so readers do not buy manga books. Writers, artists, and publishers all end up losing
money because of scanlation. Another problem is piracy in the comic book industry. Illegal copies
of old and brand new comics alike have been hurting comic book sales.”
The word "piracy" in paragraph 2 probably means the act of ______.
A. controlling the production of a book
B. hurting the sale of illegal comic books
C. copying and using a book illegally
D. advertising a book without permission

Đáp án là C.

Piracy là sự buôn lậu

A. Kiểm soát việc sản xuất 1 cuốn sách

B.Làm giảm doanh thu của những cuốn truyện tranh bất hợp pháp

C. Sao chép và sử dụng cuốn sách 1 cách trái pháp luật

D. Quảng cáo 1 cuốn sách mà k có sự cho phép

Exercise 2
The oceans are so vast and deep that until fairly recently, it was widely assumed that no matter
how much trash and chemicals humans dumped into them, the effects would be negligible.
Proponents of dumping in the oceans even had a catchphrase: "The solution to pollution is
The word "negligible" in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to ______.
A. serious                          B. insignificant
C. unpredictable                D. positive

negligible : không đáng kể

A. Nghiêm trọng

B. Không đáng kể, tầm thường

C. Không thể đoán trước

D. Tích cực

Exercise 3
No matter where the name comes from, a child's name is the first gift in life. Whether the name
is chosen according to preference or dictated by tradition, it reflects something about a child’s
culture. For that reason, all names should be treasured and respected.
The word "treasured" in paragraph 5 is closest in meaning to ______.
A. ignored                   B. developed
C. valued                     D. revealed

treasure: quý trọng, quý như vàng

A. Lờ đi

B. Phát triển

C. Gía trị

D. Tiết lộ

Exercise 4
Some scientists are reluctant to say that global warming has actually begun because climate
naturally varies from year to year and decade to decade, and it takes many years of records to be
sure of a fundamental change. There is little disagreement, though, that global warming is
The word "looming" in paragraph 2 probably means ______.
A. fading                    B. showing
C. ending                   D. appearing

looming: hiện ra lù lù

A. Sự tăng giảm của sóng điện từ

B.Sự trình diễn

C. Sự kết thúc

D. Sự xuất hiẹn

Exercise 5
Some scientists estimate that in the early 1990s tropical forests were being destroyed at a rate of
approximately 28 hectares a minute, or about 14 million hectares each year – an area about the
size of the state of Wisconsin. This figure marked a decrease since the 1980s, when
approximately 16million hectares were destroyed each year, largely due to a reported decline of
deforestation in the Amazon River Basin in the early 1990s. However, satellite images indicate
that rates may have rebounded in the late 1990s as burning in the Amazon increased again.
The word "rebounded" in paragraph could be best replaced by ______.
A. remained unchanged               B. fallen again
C. risen again                                D. gone up and down

rebound : sự bật lại

A. Giữ nguyên sự k thay đổi

B. Lại thất bại

C.tăng cao lại

D. đi lên lại xuống

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