1. To look at = to have a look at (nhìn vào).
  2. To think about/ of = to give thought to (nghĩ).
  3. To be determined to = to have determination to (quyết tâm).
  4. To know (about) = to have knowledge of (hiểu biết).
  5. To tend to = to have a tendency to (có khuynh hướng).
  6. To intend to = to have intention of + V-ing (có dự định).
  7. To desire = to have a desire (ao ước).
  8. To wish = to have/ express a wish (ao ước).
  9. To visit somebody = to pay a visit to somebody / to pay somebody a visit (thăm viếng).
  10. To discuss something = to have a discussion about (thảo luận).
  11. To decide to = to make a decision to (quyết định).
  12. To talk to = to have a talk with (nói chuyện).
  13. To explain something = to give an explanation for (giải thích).
  14. To call somebody = to give somebody a call (gọi điện cho).
  15. To be interested in = to have interest in (thích).
  16. To drink = to have a drink (uống).
  17. To photograph = to have a photograph of (chụp ảnh).
  18. To cry = to give a cry (khóc).
  19. To laugh at = to give a laugh at (cười nhạo).
  20. To welcome somebody = to give somebody a welcome (chào đón).
  21. To kiss somebody = to give somebody a kiss (hôn).
  22. To ring somebody = to give somebody a ring (gọi điện).
  23. To warn = to give warning (cảnh báo).
  24. To try to = to make an effort to/ to make an attempt to (cố gắng).
  25. To meet somebody = to have a meeting with somebody (gặp ai).
  26. To succeed = to make a success (thành công).
  27. To be used = to be in use (được sử dụng)
  28. To rest = to have a rest (nghỉ ngơi).
  29. To sleep = to have a sleep (ngủ).
  30. To bathe = to have/ take a bath (tắm).
  31. To examine = to have an examination (kiểm tra).
  32. To agree = to be in agreement (đồng ý).
  33. To disagree = to be in disagreement (không đồng ý).
  34. To contact somebody = to have contact with somebody (liên lạc).
  35. To exchange = to have an exchange of (trao đổi).
  36. To argue with somebody = to have an argument with somebody (tranh cãi)
  37. To complain about = to have a complaint about (phàn nàn).
  38. To land = to make a landing (hạ cánh).
  39. To receive something = to be in receipt of something (nhận).
  40. To need = to have a need of (cần).
  41. To love somebody = to fall in love with somebody (yêu).
  42. To brush something = to give something a brush (chải).
  43. To arrange with somebody = to have an arrangement with somebody (sắp xếp).



Exercise 1: Rewrite these sentences by using the underlined nouns as main verbs.

  1. She has no knowledge of what she will be for she never gives thought to it.
  2. She said she would pay me a visit someday.
  3. Ha made a decision to leave home.
  4. I had no intention of staying here.
  5. She has a great interest in music.
  6. There was an exchange of English lessons between the to schoolgirls.
  7. He takes a bath every morning.
  8. I had an arrangement with the neighbours about feeding the cats.
  9. There was no explanation for her plan.
  10. She had a medical examination by a doctor.



Exercise 1:

  1. She doesn’t know about what she will be for she never thinks about it.
  2. She said she would visit me someday.
  3. Ha decided to leave home.
  4. I didn’t intend to stay here.
  5. She is greatly interested in music.
  6. English lessons were exchanged between the two schoolgirls.
  7. He bathes every morning.
  8. I arranged with the neighbours about feeding the cats.
  9. She couldn’t explain her plan.
  10. She was medically examined by a doctor.

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