1.Coordinators.(FANBOYS-liên từ đơn)
Liên từ đơn được sử dụng để liên kết 2 mệnh đề với nhau. Khi sử dụng lien từ đơn để nối 2
mệnh đề với nhau luôn sử dụng dấu phẩy “,”

2.Correlative Conjunctions : Liên từ theo cặp
Liên từ theo cặp được sử dụng để kết nối 2 thành phần tương đương (ví dụ N-N, adj-adj,…)

Exercise 1:
1.My desk is usually cluttered with papers , _____ my co-worker’s desk is
always neat and clean.
2.I do not think we should discuss the proposal now , ________do I think
we should vote on it.
3.You can use the front door _______the side door.
4.We ran out of copier paper, _______ we had to borrow some from
another department.
5.The fax machines is not working, _________is the telephone.
6.Are you looking for a new car __________a used one.
7.My parents understand a little English, _______they can not speak it very
8.The breakers on your bicycle are not working very well,_______ you had
better be careful.
9. Ellen plans to buy ______ a minivan or a small truck.
10. Nicolai studied English ________ in the United States and in the
United Kingdom.
11.I visited_________Houston and Dallas to see clients and make some
new contacts.
12.Neither a tennis court__________a racquetball court was available for
Saturday morning.
C.but also
13.Gloria’s report was_________ precise but also well-organized.
14.We would like the walls in the boardroom painted a neutral tone- either
cream________light tan.
15.Despite his improved performance, Frank was _______promoted nor
given a rise.
16.Email is both a fast _______convenient means of communication
B.not only
3.Adverb – Clause Markers.(Những liên từ của mệnh đề trạng ngữ.)

3.1.Liên từ về thời gian

4.Preppositional expression (Cụm giới từ)
Cụm giới từ có ý nghĩa tương tự như mệnh đề trạng ngữ . Chỉ khác biệt ở chỗ cụm giới từ được sử
dụng tương tự như cụm danh từ còn mệnh đề trạng ngữ là một mệnh đề(có đầy đủ S-V)

5. CONJUNCTIVE ADVERBS (các trạng từ liên kết)

-Trong đó however là trạng từ liên kết.
-Vị trí của however rất linh hoạt trong câu
-However không bao giờ đứng đầu mệnh đề thứ nhất. However I love her ; she loves him.

Exercise 3:
1. Cable TV revolutionized communication; _______________, the very existence of that service is
now threaten by satellites.
A.consequently B.moreover C.for example D.nevertheless
2. Our banking clients want flexibility; _______________, we provide ATMs for 24-hour use.
A.moreover B.however C.consequently D.furthermore
3. The woman who volunteered her services in Africa and Asia had the most hands-on
experience;__________, she was hired.
A.nevertheless B.furthermore C.however D.therefore.
4. No one in that theatre group is a professional actor, _________their performance are always
A.however B.otherwise C.unless D.yet
5. From now on , the company cafeteria will be closing at 10pm unless _________stated.
A.besides B.afterwards C.also D.otherwise

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